Jun 19, 2015

Rocky Mountain Healing

Releasing our story flowers into the river past;
Remembering how they first came to us;
Unexpected blessings --disguised as troubles.

All those random moments we thought meaningless

Wove through this life
Now appeared suddenly connected
And obvious

Like a highlighted textbook

Loosely guiding,
but distracting the eye from the rest of the words

From the rest of the world

That spun us in those times.

Now brightly, clearly, legibly Burned in our memories

Stored for later use as lessons learned

Origami made from petals

From our flower books

Pages, leaf upon leaf 

Of life, loss, love, pain, joy.
Fragile paper blooms flipping over in the air  
falling from our hands outstretched from the bridge

Swinging closer toward the rushing mountain spring water

Once touching a tip of wave
Each memory is absorbed and tugged furiously away.
Gliding quickly down the river past.

We breathe in and out letting them all go.

Each and every one is released.

Turning to face upstream

Upwind moss fills our lungs
Pokes new life through the melting snow
Fresh earthy blessings disguised as troubles and mischief waiting to be had
New challenges
Rushing toward our open arms
Willing to learn or unlearn some new wisdom

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