Jun 17, 2014


Wearing a miniskirt
I hopped in my convertible
and drove up the California coast
Hair blowing in the wind, sun on my skin and sea breeze
In my hair

Who would not want this freedom?

I can drive freely anywhere
Everywhere and Anywhere

Wandering heals me

There are only subtle variations in the people in America

Everyone appears similar
Only slight differences in every town
Shades of grey I cannot always differentiate

To the Middle East

I took my notions of freedom
And felt my presence drop a pebble in the sea of vastly different customs
Echoing fear of the unfamiliar

Meanwhile my accidental and sometimes not accidental seeds of feminine freedom

Were scattered along the way
It felt unwelcome mostly
It felt misunderstood by many

Driving my 3 cylinder around the edges of the perimeter of the compound

Not allowed out
Not safe to wander here . . .

To me, freedom is having choices

To not be forced to conform
To choose any method of travel, dress, food, belief, religion, music, profession and company
To live engulfed in individual expression
Like the natural world

Every tree and flower is different

Every bird sings a different song
Every tribe tells a different story of life and love

Who are MEN to say who has the right to live in freedom?

In our hearts, we know that all beings do
Not money, Not power, Not beauty Not class, not creed, not color, not gender
Not bombs, Not armies, Not killing drones
Can make one person or group of people better than any other

We are all equally human beings

President, Zionist or Palestinian
We take nothing but our deeds with us to the grave

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