Oct 2, 2012


We think we find it in the surface of things
In the outer appearances and the visual images and glory
of life that catches our eye 

We think we will get it back through outer improvement and striving for more, 

But there is no depth in those physical transient things 

It is not found in lusting the facades of feminine beauty nor masculine virility 

Nor in the bravado of winning, accomplishment and prize 

It's simply and deeply found in the way we treat others and the extent to which we are able to make another feel good. 

Be it friendship, respect 

Or a love beyond measure, to love someone more than life

It is the closest thing to understanding immortality 

A source of unending abundance and free for all with no monetary price, refusing even barter 

Yet when given, all the more of it returns just not always from where or when you'd expect.

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