Aug 16, 2011


I am mostly kind, yet can be horribly cruel.
I am sometimes lonely, yet love my private hermitage.
I am spontaneous, yet enjoy a well planned outing.
I am stupidly brave, yet irrationally cautious.
I am forgetful, but can recall minute details.
I am happy, yet complain.
I dont see the forest because the trees, yet can explain the 10 thousand foot view.
I am creative, yet do many redundant tasks.
I love peace, but make war.
I want to get along, but our differences make me uncomfortable.
I hate when you talk about me, but shared your secrets.
I can do anything, but have one occupation.
I want to feel loved, but must learn to give more.
I am not better than you, but the religion I know says I am.
I am me, but I am like you.


Dark Cloud Nine said...

I miss you so... Your words sound so true and your soul is so beautiful...

apryl said...

Miss you too Bab. Just saw the comment! :(