Sep 28, 2008

Unintentional Muse

Catalyst for creative chemistry,
You unknowingly bring
Thoth on your heals
and a chalice that can never be emptied.

With my veil of consciousness torn
and inhibitions annihilated,
I drink your elixir of life
In pure shadow lust.

Beyond myth,
a source of formless energy
taps a hidden vastness within
now naked to all perceptions.

Every greedy passionate demon is revealed
like a raw nerve ending.
Painfully curing,
courage compels us, despite fear.

Fired by blinding tenacious affection
I allow you in.
My mind now seared with the
visions and sounds
of your fervid tumult.

How can I not choose to use this inspiration?
It turns my darkness to light.
You obliterate and heal me.

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