Jun 5, 2008


At first, making new paths traipsing around the Forest thick with foliage
I felt watched by the huge Washington evergreen guardians.

Later, I became as one of them.

Water exploded at the falls loudly enough to block out all thought.
Crashing relentlessly wild it screamed its way out.
The way I wanted to break out.

To sit and listen to it cleared my mind.
So I ran to sit still at the very waters edge, cold and drenched by mist.

Silent and still, it took all my strength to root myself to the earth.

Wanting not your forgiveness, only freedom from all thought of
your lack of ambition and the sour taste of your weakness.

Banished, your recoil is expected.
So go on now, live it.
Disturb not my joy,
ne'er again.

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