Sep 25, 2006

Liquid Fabric of Life

On the way to the shuttle
A flower caught me by surprise

Stopped me in my tracks
by its pure beauty

The beads of rain that had
accumulated on every one of it's
magenta purple petals
were lined up

as if
each small drop of water was placed there
by some invisible graphing system

holding each perfect tiny water sphere
in position


waiting to bulge forth
and smear into the others
at the slightest gust of breeze

anticipating the merge into
one larger strain of liquid

yet held there by some gravitational force
from all the other beads

like friends

in that moment I remembered
we are all one

the delusion of separation
we cling to so tightly
is an illusion

human bodies
made up of soft sacs of water

like H2O we
converge and move

we rotate and disconnect our bonds
moving through the liquid fabric of life

if I hurt you
I am hurting me

if you hurt me
you are hurting you

we are one in the same

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