May 13, 2007

Virtually Real

Like small islands, tree roots are woven like a web through new grass.
Their misshapen ruggedness under our bare feet pulses warm with electricity.

Balancing while hopping from one earthy knotted site to the next becomes a game.
Branches arch out across the expanse of a cliff pawing at the air in search of more terrain.

Reaching the last knot, farthest from the trunk, we land on it in unison with a deafening thump.
The biosphere shudders and the surrounding sky pattern flickers.

We lose balance on the lip of the crumbling ledge overhanging a sea of growing data and drop.

Embracing the fall, we fearlessly stretch into a swan dive and plunge heart first.

Evolving in waves and trickles we surf and float.

Soaking up the ebb and flow, we swim in the clean and dirty tides of communal information.
Data collected for ourselves, about ourselves, we fascinate ourselves with ourselves.
We still wonder what we are.

Captivated by this interactive real life theatrical spectacle, we share, converge and mutate embryonic super-consciousness.
Instant macro-social movements create our collective voices.

We increasingly dematerialize with a flood of self-portraitism.
Pointing our cameras back at ourselves we choose courage and/or cowardice.
Will this vanity ever reach satiety?

Exposing ourselves in quirky eclectic exhibitionism, we flash, shine and hide.
Continually we edit ourselves, revealing and deleting our representations.

We oscillate between audacious conspicuousness and inhibited reservation.
Reinventing and recrystallizing portrayal new, we range from superficiality to authenticity.

Separating and connecting us with the dancing pulse of ones and zeros, we amalgamate here.

This is an engine of sociality simulating equality in a pseudo safe space.
This is an alterable medium that isolates and connects us.
This enables communicative expression without touch.
This is an excuse to converse.

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