Dec 13, 2006

Dangerous Joy

As a little girl
I’d lay out in the middle of a field
And listen to the snow muffled silence
Because it felt good to be alone

That peaceful stillness blankets me now

because I know
in the end you’ll apologize

Why would this time be any different?

When have I not wanted to make others happy?

Your youth and your mouth disarm me,

Yet to give to you gives more joy to me
Than thanking.

So dive into my surrender

Then lay back and float

My thick emotional skin allows me

To breathe you in with caution and care

Jaded, there is not much more in life

That brings pleasure or vivacity to me

Than giving what overflows

From my wealthy heart

You have no ill intentions

Just need for affection

Those who live in fear not heart

Will never understand you
sweet boy

nor I who swims

in this dangerous joy.

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