Jun 21, 2006


two months from now
we’ll be immortal

signed off all
required release forms

secure requisitions

memories and DNA
properly duplicated

redundantly backed up

archived to several protected locations
in the event of some

yet to be known

yet securely accessible to only us
moved only where we specify after crossing

there is always a first
it may as well be us

the monkey is already there
proof we can do it

getting in top form
for the shock of the intense


instantaneous travel anytime globally

unknown galaxies to tour
intricate detail accessed via light-speed satellite hopping
and camera-equipped macroscoping drones

how will we be used?
what is there to find?

places never felt by human before
heaven and hell, past and present

the unknown

what will we be used for?
they are writing all the rules

until we make the transition and
cross over like death

merging into cyberspace

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