Jul 26, 2018


transversing spaces between
              linear measured rotations 
breaking archaic prudence
        with an unbound frailness

               unapologetically rogue
societal cage ache rejects
connected by silver strings 
      between the stars

brittle sweet snapping
                    drips like honey
       savoring moments
released to ether

  consummation satiated 
swallowed whole
           reverently holy
my penitent sapient

graceful led angels
             flying to the next
                                new chosen moment

heart lightened

Dec 8, 2017


Black shoes pad the asphalt in the thick deep night.
A wavering shadow slithers under a streetlight.

Breezes snag up her loose ebony attire.
Soft black emotions sound like fire within fire.

She turns and tears fall from her cheeks,
to the ground,  to the pavement.

A man steps off his old porch that creeks.
She brushes fast past him, leaving her scent.

Her silhouette disappears in the night 
as her shadow drifts out of sight.

Jul 21, 2017


Continents collide and divide
Where endangered cryptids hide

Starboard shroud unfurled
In Sirens canyon underworld

Through clouds of oceanic snow
Called by Sopdets wavering glow

Brackish rootless eyes rimmed black
Steering his charcoal ghost ship back

Tyet scored hull sycamore
moves along the ocean floor

Washed by tears to her shore

Jan 1, 2017


The forests are cathedrals
Rainwater is holy water
Birds sing the call to prayer
Our bodies are temples
We are each other’s religion
Our practice is life
All our thoughts and words are prayers
We create heaven or hell in our minds
By our meditative focus

Sep 9, 2016


You were my trial.
And I did fail miserably.

There is no going back to mend these things.
Only a moving on.

Yet a piece of hollow shell Is still left here aching with me.
Fragile like all that we were
It has stuck with me like Matilidae

Broken off yet remaining attached
by their strong byssal threads

The loss of moments
where if right things were said
And a wonder at what could have been.

I'm told not to turn back to things that no longer serve me
Yet I mourn those times.

I can only hope we both have found
That happiness we seek

Mar 9, 2016

Pike's Place Market

Just to stand in the open air market 
While everyone moved around me
Was a comfort

Suddenly struck by the beauty 
Of all the colorful warm people
Who bustled around working cheerful
To be alive and ambitious

The smell of fresh basil, tomatoes, flowers, fish thrown across the galley to attract the customers
The ring of a bell, laughter, ferry horn

A hot chowder mug to warm my hands while looking out over the water toward one of my first homes

Jazz saxophone street performers 
Bantering and bartering
All of it sang joy, despite the rain

Jun 19, 2015

Rocky Mountain Healing

Releasing our story flowers into the river past;
Remembering how they first came to us;
Unexpected blessings --disguised as troubles.

All those random moments we thought meaningless

Wove through this life
Now appeared suddenly connected
And obvious

Like a highlighted textbook

Loosely guiding,
but distracting the eye from the rest of the words

From the rest of the world

That spun us in those times.

Now brightly, clearly, legibly Burned in our memories

Stored for later use as lessons learned

Origami made from petals

From our flower books

Pages, leaf upon leaf 

Of life, loss, love, pain, joy.
Fragile paper blooms flipping over in the air  
falling from our hands outstretched from the bridge

Swinging closer toward the rushing mountain spring water

Once touching a tip of wave
Each memory is absorbed and tugged furiously away.
Gliding quickly down the river past.

We breathe in and out letting them all go.

Each and every one is released.

Turning to face upstream

Upwind moss fills our lungs
Pokes new life through the melting snow
Fresh earthy blessings disguised as troubles and mischief waiting to be had
New challenges
Rushing toward our open arms
Willing to learn or unlearn some new wisdom

Jun 17, 2014


Wearing a miniskirt
I hopped in my convertible
and drove up the California coast
Hair blowing in the wind, sun on my skin and sea breeze
In my hair

Who would not want this freedom?

I can drive freely anywhere
Everywhere and Anywhere

Wandering heals me

There are only subtle variations in the people in America

Everyone appears similar
Only slight differences in every town
Shades of grey I cannot always differentiate

To the Middle East

I took my notions of freedom
And felt my presence drop a pebble in the sea of vastly different customs
Echoing fear of the unfamiliar

Meanwhile my accidental and sometimes not accidental seeds of feminine freedom

Were scattered along the way
It felt unwelcome mostly
It felt misunderstood by many

Driving my 3 cylinder around the edges of the perimeter of the compound

Not allowed out
Not safe to wander here . . .

To me, freedom is having choices

To not be forced to conform
To choose any method of travel, dress, food, belief, religion, music, profession and company
To live engulfed in individual expression
Like the natural world

Every tree and flower is different

Every bird sings a different song
Every tribe tells a different story of life and love

Who are MEN to say who has the right to live in freedom?

In our hearts, we know that all beings do
Not money, Not power, Not beauty Not class, not creed, not color, not gender
Not bombs, Not armies, Not killing drones
Can make one person or group of people better than any other

We are all equally human beings

President, Zionist or Palestinian
We take nothing but our deeds with us to the grave

Oct 2, 2012


We think we find it in the surface of things
In the outer appearances and the visual images and glory
of life that catches our eye 

We think we will get it back through outer improvement and striving for more, 

But there is no depth in those physical transient things 

It is not found in lusting the facades of feminine beauty nor masculine virility 

Nor in the bravado of winning, accomplishment and prize 

It's simply and deeply found in the way we treat others and the extent to which we are able to make another feel good. 

Be it friendship, respect 

Or a love beyond measure, to love someone more than life

It is the closest thing to understanding immortality 

A source of unending abundance and free for all with no monetary price, refusing even barter 

Yet when given, all the more of it returns just not always from where or when you'd expect.

Apr 24, 2012

Family Forgive Me

I walk on a line between shadow and light
Troubled to please and be pleased
I wonder at things judged bad or good
Leaning to one side, I'm warmed by your white ultraviolet embrace
Lean to the other and I'm cooled by my black velvet reprieve
Wavering forward unsure of the bends in my true path
While crooked the line sways in the winds of time and place
I stumble to stay the course
One step after the other
I tremble at your recoil
and navigate for my peace

Aug 16, 2011


I am mostly kind, yet can be horribly cruel.
I am sometimes lonely, yet love my private hermitage.
I am spontaneous, yet enjoy a well planned outing.
I am stupidly brave, yet irrationally cautious.
I am forgetful, but can recall minute details.
I am happy, yet complain.
I dont see the forest because the trees, yet can explain the 10 thousand foot view.
I am creative, yet do many redundant tasks.
I love peace, but make war.
I want to get along, but our differences make me uncomfortable.
I hate when you talk about me, but shared your secrets.
I can do anything, but have one occupation.
I want to feel loved, but must learn to give more.
I am not better than you, but the religion I know says I am.
I am me, but I am like you.

Apr 2, 2011

Beautiful Comet

To have the great fortune 
Of being shined upon
Brightly by the light of a person 
Who streaks across our life ablaze

The vision left

Burning in our memory
We keep looking 
Anticipating reappearance at any moment


Dec 5, 2010

Treasured Memory

Last year we walked in a frozen water garden

Sparkling with the full nights fresh snow

Sudden unexpected thick white drifts that forced all traffic to a halt

Drove us to accidentally find a hidden castle shelter

To be tucked into a beautiful tower room

And bathed in the warm old tub

In the morning, we were struck by the beauty of the icy water garden

The white on white loveliness to behold in detail

Those moments were magic

Jul 7, 2010


Charred Forest

Integrity extinguished
No saints here

Shafts of light pierce
Vaporous contradictions
Leaving this numb clueless bottle
Still half full

The ache comes too late
Then the crack
Then the break

Giving gets gone
Selfishness ensues
Thoughts of you
And what I can give

Where is home
My kind

That place to belong
In right time
My true space
Where I can't sabotage myself

Where no weapons dwell
In my forest of heart

Safe for someone good and
Strong enough to climb to the canopy with me
To freedom

Aug 8, 2009

fleeting and precious

Intricate frost lace work
forming on the inner pane of the 747
somehow reminds me of the fragility of life.

Pressure wells inside my mind and

something inside snaps,
with a sudden urge to to lick the frost from the window.

But the plane changes direction

and rays of sunlight transform my icy patterns to liquid
that slide down the glass collecting diesel grime.

Be grateful, I think,

Savor the pure moments while they exist.
Despite the filth that may taint it,
anticipate good in something next.

No matter where I go in life, in my mind

I choose to travel back to this sacred non-place.

Sep 28, 2008

Unintentional Muse

Catalyst for creative chemistry,
You unknowingly bring
Thoth on your heals
and a chalice that can never be emptied.

With my veil of consciousness torn
and inhibitions annihilated,
I drink your elixir of life
In pure shadow lust.

Beyond myth,
a source of formless energy
taps a hidden vastness within
now naked to all perceptions.

Every greedy passionate demon is revealed
like a raw nerve ending.
Painfully curing,
courage compels us, despite fear.

Fired by blinding tenacious affection
I allow you in.
My mind now seared with the
visions and sounds
of your fervid tumult.

How can I not choose to use this inspiration?
It turns my darkness to light.
You obliterate and heal me.

Jul 20, 2008

Night Swim Magic

Flecks of full moon glimmered

on our skin.

Looking up at the stars

naked to the universe

I floated over you.

Bobbing in water

anticipating the next wave for a while,

then lost in a kiss and caught off guard

by the crash of the tide.

Jun 5, 2008


At first, making new paths traipsing around the Forest thick with foliage
I felt watched by the huge Washington evergreen guardians.

Later, I became as one of them.

Water exploded at the falls loudly enough to block out all thought.
Crashing relentlessly wild it screamed its way out.
The way I wanted to break out.

To sit and listen to it cleared my mind.
So I ran to sit still at the very waters edge, cold and drenched by mist.

Silent and still, it took all my strength to root myself to the earth.

Wanting not your forgiveness, only freedom from all thought of
your lack of ambition and the sour taste of your weakness.

Banished, your recoil is expected.
So go on now, live it.
Disturb not my joy,
ne'er again.

Sep 19, 2007

Los Rocas

blue sky, blue pool

grey rocks, white waves

cadillac margarita
tequila dance

lobster guacamole, shrimp salsa


shedding history
memory flicks another image

floating in jacuzzi bubbles
staring at the stars

lets swim naked
I lost my shoes anyway

Aug 26, 2007

sea witch

rootless tree
adrift on a sea of loss

tide washed bark

warrior eyed

through thrashing storms
and fair weather

under starlit skies

you survived


beautifully worn knowledge

Aug 17, 2007

new york song

this city breathes
by the movements of people

it sings an unexpected rhythm
hiss blare ding honk

the whirling turnstiles of enter & exit
sway stop spin

the screech and idle of taxi and train
speed shuffle turn

alternating notes singing industry
smiles yells heat smell

changes made by people
strive achieve fail succeed

effort and apathy on hundreds of faces
colors flavors agony bliss

its spontaneous melody continues
chill relief clatter sigh

Jun 16, 2007

Two Places in One

Gemni friend
with a quicksilver mind

Your duality allows you
the luxury of parallel worlds

multiple viewpoints

your branched intricacy
not apparent at first

we side step and squint
and suddenly see you
as twins translucent

two in one place
two places in one

Jun 13, 2007

of bubbles and snowflakes

I kept sealing them up

the gates
in the walls

I wondered if you 'd ever stop
trying to figure out how to get in

what perseverance
what patience

and then there was that
damn bulldozer

didn’t know you had that up your sleeve

and the little bubbles that ignored the wall completely
sailing right over

harmless wicked little beautiful bubbles
pop right in my face
catching me totally off guard

right away I thought,
"you gotta teach me that trick"

and secretly
"so I can use it on you one day"

and I tried
but I'm not so good at getting them buoyant

mine tend to be weighted and cold
like snowflakes

but I try
I try

May 13, 2007

Virtually Real

Like small islands, tree roots are woven like a web through new grass.
Their misshapen ruggedness under our bare feet pulses warm with electricity.

Balancing while hopping from one earthy knotted site to the next becomes a game.
Branches arch out across the expanse of a cliff pawing at the air in search of more terrain.

Reaching the last knot, farthest from the trunk, we land on it in unison with a deafening thump.
The biosphere shudders and the surrounding sky pattern flickers.

We lose balance on the lip of the crumbling ledge overhanging a sea of growing data and drop.

Embracing the fall, we fearlessly stretch into a swan dive and plunge heart first.

Evolving in waves and trickles we surf and float.

Soaking up the ebb and flow, we swim in the clean and dirty tides of communal information.
Data collected for ourselves, about ourselves, we fascinate ourselves with ourselves.
We still wonder what we are.

Captivated by this interactive real life theatrical spectacle, we share, converge and mutate embryonic super-consciousness.
Instant macro-social movements create our collective voices.

We increasingly dematerialize with a flood of self-portraitism.
Pointing our cameras back at ourselves we choose courage and/or cowardice.
Will this vanity ever reach satiety?

Exposing ourselves in quirky eclectic exhibitionism, we flash, shine and hide.
Continually we edit ourselves, revealing and deleting our representations.

We oscillate between audacious conspicuousness and inhibited reservation.
Reinventing and recrystallizing portrayal new, we range from superficiality to authenticity.

Separating and connecting us with the dancing pulse of ones and zeros, we amalgamate here.

This is an engine of sociality simulating equality in a pseudo safe space.
This is an alterable medium that isolates and connects us.
This enables communicative expression without touch.
This is an excuse to converse.

May 5, 2007


Secret keeper
show me the forest of your heart
in stroke of paint

Silent weeper
share the good you are
still open to acceptance

Rootless tree
let the waves transform you
in dance

Timeless rebel
remember how you chose your freedom

Judged Ophelia
hold your head up high
transforming loss to wisdom

share your light
wrap your mind around it
forgive those that turned out their porch light
pierce with your silence and smile


Dec 13, 2006

Dangerous Joy

As a little girl
I’d lay out in the middle of a field
And listen to the snow muffled silence
Because it felt good to be alone

That peaceful stillness blankets me now

because I know
in the end you’ll apologize

Why would this time be any different?

When have I not wanted to make others happy?

Your youth and your mouth disarm me,

Yet to give to you gives more joy to me
Than thanking.

So dive into my surrender

Then lay back and float

My thick emotional skin allows me

To breathe you in with caution and care

Jaded, there is not much more in life

That brings pleasure or vivacity to me

Than giving what overflows

From my wealthy heart

You have no ill intentions

Just need for affection

Those who live in fear not heart

Will never understand you
sweet boy

nor I who swims

in this dangerous joy.

Oct 22, 2006


my sliver conscienced
savior searching
truth seeker

sinful comrade
joyful heathen friend

you follow heart
not fear

numbly enduring
stolen soulfulness

like an eastward bound tree
clinging to the spinning earth

Its a new day
to unbreak your heart.

Sep 25, 2006

Liquid Fabric of Life

On the way to the shuttle
A flower caught me by surprise

Stopped me in my tracks
by its pure beauty

The beads of rain that had
accumulated on every one of it's
magenta purple petals
were lined up

as if
each small drop of water was placed there
by some invisible graphing system

holding each perfect tiny water sphere
in position


waiting to bulge forth
and smear into the others
at the slightest gust of breeze

anticipating the merge into
one larger strain of liquid

yet held there by some gravitational force
from all the other beads

like friends

in that moment I remembered
we are all one

the delusion of separation
we cling to so tightly
is an illusion

human bodies
made up of soft sacs of water

like H2O we
converge and move

we rotate and disconnect our bonds
moving through the liquid fabric of life

if I hurt you
I am hurting me

if you hurt me
you are hurting you

we are one in the same